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Ladybug Concrete Specialties Inc.

1226 Executive Blvd Ste 119
Chesapeake, Va

A leader in the industry, trusted and respected.


Ladybug was started in April of 1997. We started as a small core drilling only company. Since that time ownership has changed and the business has grown substantially. We are still woman owned and we still provide core drilling. We provide a vast amount of other associated tasks including flat sawing, wire sawing, wall sawing and concrete polishing. We do many jobs from very small 1 hour jobs to large multi-year contracts. No job is too small and no job is too big! We have a great staff of employees and over 100 years of experience. Our leadership is consistently looking for ways to improve our scope of work but more importantly ways to exceed our customers expectations! Please call or email us today for all your concrete opening needs.

CORE DRILLING:A core drill is a  tool for boring holes through concrete, reinforced concrete, brick, block, stone and masonry. Specialized core bits – hollow steel cylinders fitted with segmented diamond teeth – grind away the surface to create a hole. Popular core bits range in size from 3/8" to 14" diameter. Most drill 12" deep, but longer bits, extensions and threaded barrels are available.

A polished concrete floor has a glossy, mirror-like finish. The design options for polished concrete are vast. You can choose nearly any color. The reflectivity of the floor can also be controlled by using different levels of concrete polishing.

Concrete Demolition:Strategic removal of concrete  to facilitate the instalation of pipes or conduit in floors or wall.  

Concrete / Asphalt sawing: Specialized equipment with highly skilled operators follow pre-determined layouts to cut concrete for removal of sections, implementation of contraction joint patterns or removals of whole slabs in manageable section. 

FIBERCRETE is designed to repair spalls, potholes, and large cracks on interstate highways, bridge decks, and shipping yards.

1226 Executive Blvd Ste 119
Chesapeake, Va 23320

Email: jkrug@ladybugconcrete.com
Phone: 757-548-4321
Fax: 757-548-9955